lipivir, CAN, Ends 12/6

Vichy Holiday Prize Pack, CAN, Ends 12/5

Shout! Factory MLP Holiday Hearts DVD, CAN, Ends 11/26

Murad - Merry & Glowing, CAN, Ends 12/1

The Floating Comfort Pillow by Mediflow, CAN, Ends 11/29

Boogies Wipes Winter, CAN, Ends 11/13

Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme+ Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Eye Balm, CAN, Ends 11/23

BTS Beauty Essentials, CAN, Ends 10/8

Simple Skincare Hydrating Cleansing Oil & Vaseline Lotion, CAN, Ends 8/21

NCircle Mily Miss Questions Season 1, CAN/US, Ends 8/9

Dove+Men Mineral and Sage, CAN, Ends 5/29


#2016GiftGuide Emjoi MICRO Pedi, Nov 29, CAN

Cliniderm Awesome Products, Nov 9, CAN

Church & Dwight Back to School, Sept 2, CAN

I love...Vanilla & Ice Cream, March 19, CAN


#ElevateLoungeTO Swag Bag, Sept 16, CAN

Vector Prize, Aug 14, CAN

Vichy Purete Thermale, Aug 11, CAN

L'Occitane Pivoine Sublime, Aug 2, CAN

#VichyWorksForMe, June 17, CAN

Simple Skin Care, May 24, CAN

Real Techniques at IMATS, Nov 22, CAN

Live Clean (Argan Oil) Nov 22, CAN

Vichy Detox Night Cream, Nov 24, CAN

Hallmark Halloween, Nov 11, CAN

Live Clean (baby), Oct 9, CAN

Garnier BB Eye Cream, Oct 6, CAN

TRESemme, Sept 21, CAN

Skin Envy, Sept 5, CAN

#SUBWAYandaMovie, Aug 28, CAN

Live Clean Age Resist, Aug 26, CAN

CLUE: A Movie Mystery Adventure, Aug 25, CAN/US

Vichy #skintervention, August 21, CAN

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That DVD, August 11, CAN/US

Vitabath, July 30, CAN/US

Live Clean Hair Oils, July 21, CAN

Power Rangers DVD, July 12, CAN/US

Real Technique brushes, July 15, CAN

Hallmark Handprint Mug, July 9, CAN

Chuck & Friends DVD, July 7, CAN/US

TRESemme Renewal Hair & Scalp System, July 7, CAN

The Lego Movie, June 30, CAN/US

Dippity-do Girls with Curls, Jun 27, CAN

The Wiggles DVD, June 25, CAN/US

Littlest Pet Shop DVD, June 10, CAN/US

Swissli Cereal, June 14, CAN

EcoTools, June 7, CAN

Summer Fresh, May 12, GTA

Joico K-Pak Repair Kit, June 2, CAN

Sassy Baby Canada, May 31, CAN

The Healthy Shopper, May 28, CAN

Birthday Package, May 24, CAN

Marcelle, May 22, CAN

Vichy ProEven Night, May 17th, CAN

Yves Rocher White Botanical, May 12th, CAN

Pound Puppies DVD, May 1st, CAN/US

Spring Must Haves at Hallmark, May 5, CAN

Liberte Lactose-Free Greek Yogourt, May 3, CAN

Softlips, April 29th, CAN

Transformer Rescue Bots DVD, April 20th, CAN/US

Garnier Ultra-Lift Transformer, April 20th, CAN

Ninja Turtles, April 12th, CAN/US

Frownies, April 14th, CAN

Master Lock Safe Space, April 4th, CAN

Veronica Mars DVD, March 29th, CAN/US

Octonauts, March 24th, CAN/US

Vitabath, March 25th, CAN/US

24Clearit, March 22nd, CAN/US

Beanitos, March 17th, CAN/US

Oxy Acne Wipes, March 13th, CAN only

Power Rangers Zeo, March 8th, CAN/US only

Hallmark (Valentine's Day), March 5th, CAN only

C is for Clean, March 2, CAN only

NuTerra Granola, February 24, CAN only

Date it! Labels, February 17th, CAN/US only

Danny Phantom, February 12th, CAN/US only

Hershey's, February 11th, CAN/US only

Chuck and Friends DVD, February 2nd, CAN/US only

Littlest Pet Shop DVD, January 26th, CAN/US only


AppleTV frm Staples, January 21st, CAN only

Scottish Fine Soaps, January 19th, CAN only

La Roche-Posay, January 11th, CAN only

Clear Hair, January 8th, CAN only

Real Technique Brushes, January 4th, CAN only

Bodum Yo-Yo Set, January 1st, CAN only

Hallmark, December 25th, CAN only

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, December 25th, CAN only

The Body Shop, December 23rd, CAN only

Vitabath Holiday Bliss, December 21st, CAN/US only

Scottish Fine Soap, December 20th, CAN only

3M Canada worth $150, December 16th, CAN only

Brobo, December 12th, CAN only

Manhattan Toys The Grinch, Ends December 10th, CAN/US only

Hush Puppies $150, Ends December 8th, CAN Only

Baylis & Harding, Ends December 5th, CAN Only

Pound Puppies Holiday Hijink, Ends November 30th, CAN/US Only

My Little Pony A Minty Christmas, Ends November 26th, CAN/US Only

Cetaphil DermaControl, Ends November 24th, CAN Only

Cheeky Umbrella, Ends November 21st, CAN/US Only

EcoTools, Ends November 17th, CAN Only

Alokozay Tea, Ends November 8th, CAN Only

Transformer Rescue Bots, Ends November 3rd, CAN/US Only

Province Apothecary, Ends November 1st, CAN/US Only

Pacific Rim Blu-Ray, Ends October 26th, CAN/US Only

Oh! Natural Banana Chips, Ends October 21st, CAN Only

Live Clean (lovely lips) balm, Ends October 19th, CAN Only

Yoga Jeans, Ends October 15th, CAN/US Only

Vichy Idealia, Ends October 15th, CAN Only

KaiJudo, Ends October 12th, CAN Only

Snackbox, Ends October 10th, CAN Only

Vitabath, Ends October 7th, CAN/US Only

Love Child, Ends October 3rd, CAN Only

Dudley The Locker Mat - Ends September 28th, CAN Only

Dream Tea Boutique - Ends September 26th, CAN/US Only

Hallmark (Peanuts) - Ends September 24th, CAN Only

Oxygen Pur Skin Serum - Ends September 19th, CAN/US Only

Montagne Jenesse - Ends September 16th, CAN only

Katy's Kettle Corn Chips (popchips) - Ends September 8th, CAN Only 

Purex plus Oxi & $500 Sweepstakes - Ends September 6th, CAN Only

Vichy Hyaluspot - Ends September 1st - CAN Only

Palmer's Rosehip - Ends August 25th - CAN Only

Batiste Dry Shampoo - Ends August 20th - CAN Only

BIC Soleil Shave & Trim - Ends August 12th - CAN Only

OxiClean - Ends August 8th - CAN Only

Boo Bamboo - Ends August 6th - CAN Only

City of Bones Movie tickets - Ends July 25th - CAN Only

Simply Merino - Ends July 19th - CAN Only

Eaurganic (Ecstasy) Anti Wrinkle Moisturizer - Ends July 17th - CAN Only

Michelin: Just in Case - Ends July 14th - CAN Only

Vichy Sun Care - Ends July 10th - CAN Only

Rockin Green: Shake it UP, Ends July 4th, *US* ONLY

Splat Hair Chalk - Ends July 3rd - CAN Only

Eaurganic Real-moisture Shampoo & Conditioner - Ends June 23rd - CAN Only

$20 Voucher: Stuck on You - Ends June 8th - CAN Only

Freezycups - Ends June 3rd - CAN Only

David's Tea: Spring Collection - Ends May 27th - CAN Only

Lovable Labels: Party Pack - Ends May 23rd - CAN/US Only

Racinne - Ends May 2 - CAN Only

Vichy's Serum: Eyes & Lashes - Ends April 30 - CAN Only

Laura Secord - Ends April 24th - CAN Only

Wonderstruck - Ends April 16th - CAN Only

Ddrops Booster - Ends April 12th - CAN Only

The Hobbit: Blu-Ray Combo - Ends April 5th - CAN/US Only

Glow Body Care Therapy - Ends April 7th - CAN Only

Yves Rocher: Anti Age Global - Ends April 4th - CAN Only

Rocky Mountain Chocolate - Ends March 27th - CAN Only

En Gry & Sif handbag from BeanSprout - Ends March 22nd - CAN Only

e-closet $25 promo code - Ends March 20th - CAN Only

Lovable Labels: Mini Dots - Ends March 11th - CAN/US Only

StonzWear $25 promo code - Ends March 9th - CAN Only

Thermal-Aid (Two Winners) - Ends March 7th - CAN/US Only

Graco thermometer - Ends Mar 1st - CAN Only

MobiCam -Ends Feb 25th - CAN/US Only

Schwarzkopf Professional - Ends Feb 21st - CAN Only

ThreeWorks: Apple Chips - Ends Feb 17th - CAN Only

Kiss Naturals: Lip Balm Kit - Ends Feb 14th - CAN Only

MB publishing presents "Celtic Run" by Sean Vogel - Ends Feb 12 - CAN/US Only

Lovable Labels: Friendship Pack - Ends Feb 10th - CAN/US Only

Bath & Body Works: Cashmere Glow - Ends Feb 9th - CAN Only

Baby Butz diaper cream giveaway - Ends Jan 31st - CAN Only

Milk Unleashed Giveaway - Ends Jan 18th - CAN Only

Thera Wise Giveaway - Ends Jan 19th - CAN Only


HomeSpa Shower Spray - Ends Jan 14th - CAN/US

Win a Mustela prize pack - Ends Jan 7th - CAN/US

Win a $50 Metro Gift Card from FlyerFlo Ends Dec 23rd - CAN Only

Hawberry Farm (2 Winners) Ends Dec 21st - CAN Only

Card Swap $25 Credit - Ends Dec 16th - CAN Only

The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Giveaway worth $45 - Ends Dec 14th - CAN Only

BIC Flex 4 Giveaway worth $50+ - Ends Dec 12th - CAN Only

Lovable Labels Holly Jolly Pack ~ Review & Giveaway - Ends Dec 10th - CAN/US Only

Neal Brother Food ~ Review & Giveaway - Ends Dec 1st - CAN Only

Joe Boxer Canada ~ Review & Giveaway - Ends Nov 21 - CAN Only

O.N.E. Coconut Water ~ Review & Giveaway - Ends Nov 16 - US Only

Zevia Drink ~ Review & Giveaway - Ends Nov 14 - US/Can

Stuck On You #4 - Review & Giveaway - Ends Aug 19 - CAN/US Only

Stuck On You #3 - Review & Giveaway - Ends Aug 9 - CAN/US Only

Stuck On You #2 - Review & Giveaway - Ends July 31st - CAN/US Only

Stuck On You #1 - Review & Giveaway - Ends July 20th - CAN/US Only

BargainMoose Giveaway - Review & Giveaway - Ends Aug 21 - CAN Only

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