Thursday, 18 January 2018

Looking Your Best with The Better Skin Co. ~ #Review #Giveaway

This winter has been treating my skin really poorly.  My skin has become dull and rough so I need to exfoliate more often than before.  I used The Better Skin Lava Magik and I kid you not.  This facial scrub is awesome.  I was impressed how my face feels after just using it once.

The Better Skin Co.  Lava Magik, Mirakle Cream, Zit No more. #Review #Giveaway

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Shout! Factory P. King Duckling: Discovery Duck ~ #Review #Giveaway

P. King Duckling is a cute and funny cartoon that my youngest enjoys watching.  It is shown on Disney Junior Channel.  P. King Duckling joins with his two pals, Wombat and Chumpkin in his daily adventures.  P. King Duckling always has these crazy or interesting ideas your kids will enjoy watching.  First he wants to be a pastry chef then the next episode he wants to be an explorer.  My favourite episode is that P. King discovered that ducks can fly so he believes he can fly too.  After many unsuccessful attempts he learns that not all ducks can fly.  There is a hidden message in this episode that you don't have to be like everyone else, just be yourself.

Shout! Factory P. King Duckling: Discovery Duck ~ #Review #Giveaway