Saturday, 16 December 2017

Zoella Beauty Underneath the Christmas Tree ~ #Review #Giveaway #2017GiftGuide

We are down to the final week until Christmas.  The pressure is on and I hope you have started or almost finished with your Christmas shopping.  This Christmas, give someone something that they are waiting some Zoella Beauty Products.  I found her products so cute and pretty and my daughter loves anything that is cute.

Zoella Beauty Bag, Fragrance soap on a stick, Sugar Dip, Bath Latte, #Review #Giveaway Christmas #2017GiftGuide

PlayTape is a perfect stocking stuffer gift idea ~ #Review #2017GfitGuide

This is a must have to get for your kids this Christmas.  I think this is a brilliant idea for the kids to play with.  My daughter loves to play with her cars and I never like getting one of those carpet with roads on them.  This PlayTape is even better!  She can tape it all over the floor and remove them when she is done with it.
PlayTape is a perfect stocking stuffer gift idea ~ #Review #2017GfitGuide