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Thanks for considering me working with you.  This blog started back in August 2011 and has gained many readers over the past year and will continue to grow.

HappyChinaDoll owns by Cecilia.  It features beauty products, services received, events attended, food products, items received in the mail, and also family-friendly products.

For more information please don't hesitate to contact me at

Personal Information
2 kids - ages 6 and 11
Lives in Toronto
Intermediate coupon-er

I love coconut flavoured chocolates, action flick movies, and array of music.  When I have the chance I bake cakes or cookies from scratch.  I have a crazy addiction for lip balms, hand lotions, nail polishes, hair products, makeup, skin care and body butters.  I love food and willing to try anything.  I enjoy trying and testing new products.  I unwind by reading a good book or watching anime.  I like to have fun by taking my daughters out on excursions.

Social Media stats (as of January 9, 2017)
Twitter: 3,717
Facebook: 2,840
YouTube: 9
Pinterest: 1,437
Newsletter: 430
Klout Ranking: 47
Bloglovin': 924
Instagram: 1,047

Demographic - Readers:
Canada 88%
USA 6%
Other 6%
(45.85% Females & 54.15% Males)

Canada 80%
USA 16%
Other 4%
(85% Females & 14% Males)

Advertising Opportunity:
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Reviews and Giveaways

Reviews and giveaways are a great method to promote your company and products.  Rafflecopter tool would be use for running giveaways.  They will run between 3-4 weeks.  Winners has 72 hours to respond or another winner will be selected.

Happy ChinaDoll is not responsible for any fees or shipping the review product(s) or giveaway(s)
A full size product(s) must be provided to do the review, not samples.
Reviewed item(s)/product(s) will not be returned
The Sponsor is required to deliver the prize to the winner.
I promote the giveaway on Twitter, Facebook, other forums and linkies.

Any products supplied by the brand is sent for review purposes. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.  Any information from a secondary source would be in quotation marks or mentioned.  I am not an expert and any information on my blog is based on my opinion.


  1. Hi Cecilia. I am a new fan to your blog, but plan to visit on a regular basis. Your social media stats are pretty impressive, especially so since your blog is still fairly new (2011). I see you are also a couponer. I am interested in becoming one and hope you'll share some of your couponing tips on your blog. I am currently in the process of entering one of your giveaways (for cleaning products), so I will say "see you soon".

  2. Hi, your social media stats are most impressive. Congratulations.

  3. I just love your blog. Great to see that you have a super impressive female following but an even larger male following. You have awesome reviews and fantastic giveaways. Thanks so much for your blog!(Margaret MacKenzie)

  4. I like your social media stats. That’s really interesting 💕