Sunday, 19 August 2012

Shopping Again

Sorry for non-posting for the past few days.  I just needed a break.
I am back!  Did you miss me?

If you were wondering where I went this weekend - I went to Winners :)
Was that a shock?

Winners is TJX or Marshalls in the US (in case you were wondering).
One of the major reason why I went is if I spend over C$75 I receive 500 Scene points.
Scene points are Cineplex points that if we accumulate 1000 points we get a free movie admission.
This promotion is happening until August 31st
If you are planning to spend C$75, bring a copy of this page and they will give you a pin card to enter on Scene's website to receive the points.
Furthermore, if you have TJX membership cardholder (like me), you receive an additional 250 points when you enter in your card # on the website.  No pin card/code required.

I bought a pair of shoes for my daughter, myself, a can of chocolate peanuts, and a mug with tea (picture not shown).


  1. I love Winners. You can get super deals there, way below the price that everyone else is asking. I also like Home Sense another great place for shopping. I too have their card and if you shop 3x in 3 mths at either one then you are entered into a draw. Marvellous place to find really good finds.

  2. We are lucky here, we not only have Winners but Home Sense and the latest to arrive is Marshalls - I usually visit all 3 on one day, especially if the sales are on :-) Added plus is that with my TJX membership card I then also have my 3 shopping visits to qualify for their giveaway :-)