Sunday, 19 August 2012

August 2012 Glymm Bag

I was not too please with this month's bag.

August 2012 Glymm Bag

Vitamine & Sea: Mineral Clay Mask
Full Size 210ml @ $62, sample size estimate 5ml @ $1.48
Love to try this.   I dont use Clay Mask very often so I will doubt I would be purchasing the full size product.

Naked Princess: Lip Gloss
Full Size 0.10 oz @ $26, sample size 0.008 oz @ $2.08
I cant believe how small this sample is.  It is also a lip plumper without the stinging sensation.  I have tried it and didn't noticed anything different with my lips.

Atelier Cologne: Vanille Insensee
Full Size 30ml @ $70, sample size estimate 1ml @ $2.33
Gee, another perfume sample.  It's OK but I am not very interested in perfume.  There is only a handful out there I really like.

The Laundress: Delicate detergent
Full Size 500 ml @ $22, sample size 15ml @ $0.66
This is interesting.  I like detergent samples but I don't think I should pay for one.  I just use body wash to wash my delicates.

Mai Couture: Highlighter Papier
Full Size 50 Sheets @ $19-26, sample size 2 sheets @ $0.76
Not to thrilled with Mai Couture products except for their lip glosses.  I guess if you have those tiny purse then these paper will be a life saver.

Bentaberry: Face cream
Full Size 30ml @ $22, no sample size
So disappointed - I did email Glymm and they said that they will send me a "replacement" next month.  Fingers cross.

The value of my bag is $7.31

The Bottom Line
Product received - 2/5
The surprise - 1.5/5 (Meh)
Favourite product received - None
Brownie Points - None
Overall reaction - Boo

Do you like this month's box?


  1. Is this anything like the Luxe bags?

  2. I just got my bag yesterday. It was my first every Glymm bag and I am disappointed! Mine did have the Bentaberry Cream but didn't have the detergent, which I wasn't too keen on getting anyways. I had a NuMe 20ml conditioner in mine as well, which is the best thing about the bag for me.