Saturday, 21 January 2012 Review

Don't you just love to see your package arrived (in time)?
Don't you love to see what is in your box is what you've ordered?
Don't you hope to see what you order is what you expected?

This is my first purchase at
I assume you have heard of them...if not, go check out their site.

I have decided to purchase an eyeshadow pallet but didn't know which one to buy.
I grab this pallet because it came with 6 colours.

It is not as dark as I thought.  Each eyeshadow has glitter in it.
At the back of the package it said to add water to make the colour more intense...a bit but not much.

Then I wanted to grab something to hydrate my hair because it is always so dry.
I picked up Pantene's hair solution treatment to restore dry and damaged hair.
It smells great.
Use this twice and it is OK...not as good as my Lush's R&B leave-in hair moisturizer.

Don't forget my goodies =)
Must have chocolate.  My hubby already ate half of one.
*Update - they are now all gone!!!!*

King Size
My review on

Prices - most products are more pricey than your local Walmart or Zellers.
Products - good selection but they don't carry everything.  They do carry some eco-friendly that is only sold at their store.
Shipping - Free! ( is included in their price.) Ability to select an option to either to leave at your doorstep or not is a great idea.  Also free shipping depends on where you live.
Website - Easy to use.
Delivery - Took about 3 days for the product to arrive at my door step (this will vary)
Customer Service - Sends you updates to tell you where your order is and when your order has arrived (via Canada Post).  Two thumbs up for that service.

My overall first experience with was perfect.  I not sure if I will use them again unless I see a great deal.

**Update...I see they have sales all the time...Hmmm, let's go take a look... :)

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  1. I order fro all the time and love them! I have had only good experiences with them!