Saturday, 10 May 2014

Hallmark Mother's Day Gift Ideas ~ #Review

When Easter has ended, we are all geared up for Mother's Day.  I think it should be a national holiday.  Being a mom is learning to juggle and hoping nothing will drop.  There is always an endless list of things to do and we can only do so much in a day.  So many times the laundry and dishes get left undone because they are always the last in my list.  I believe most mothers will agree with me that we put our kids first.  We are the caregiver, the teacher, the provider, a role model, and the rock that keeps the family together.  I doubt there is nothing I would do for my little girls like what my mother did for me when growing up.  To show our appreciation to our Mother's, Hallmark has a few ideas to help us to prepare for the day.


Mother's Day Snippets and Stories ($24.95)
A beautiful book to place special moments in to.  It is like a scrapbook to put all her or your favourite memories in one spot.

Magnetic Memo Board Burlap ($24.95)
A pretty magnet board with ribbons to place notes or pictures on.  A handy board to keep all that important information or notes in one spot.  It is better to clip it out in the open than in a drawer or pocket because it could be lost.

Desktop Sentiment Plaques ($19.95)
These desktops plaques with timeless and whimsical messages will help your remember to make the most of all of life's moments, big or small.  The collection offers a variety of product formats - many can be customized at home.  These plaques always make me smile and would make anyone smile too.   They make me think and always agreeing to the message.

Thanks, Mom: Letters, Poems and Short Stories of Gratitude ($14.99)
Created by Hallmark fans of touching letters, poems, and stories to reflect how much moms do for the ones they love.  I had read a few and gotten emotional reading them.  They are great stories and reading how much moms would go the extra mile for them makes me teary-eyed.  I hope when my daughters are older that they will see and appreciate what I have done, and will do the same for their kids.

My mom was the only provider of the family.  She worked endlessly with no vacations and she would sacrifice what little that she had to us.  Even to this day, my mother has helped me when I needed her.  I am hoping when the time has come that I will be the cool Grandmother for my grand babies.

*Disclosure - I am apart of Hallmark Press Pause Panel.  The product in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.


  1. Hallmark always has great gifts and the book you described sounds wonderful. Happy mother's day to you and yours.

  2. This is so nice , i Love Hallmark stuff its so meaningful thanks for the awesome review :) rafflecopter name Treen Goodwin

  3. I love Hallmark both for their cards and their movie productions. Thanks