Sunday, 21 October 2012

Nivea: Body Milk ~ #Review

It has been my first time in years since I used Nivea hand cream products.
When I think of Nivea, I think back in the '80s when my mom use to use them.
Did you know they have been around since 1911?
I had no clue.
I purchased the Nivea Extra Nourishing Body Milk body lotion during one of those Shoppers Redemption days and I even used a $3 off coupon.
It contains almond oil and it is for dry or very dry skin.
The cream is a little more liquidity than other body cream.
It smells like unscented cream and absorbs pretty quickly but leaves a feeling of of a mild coating of oil on my hand.
It hydrates my hands but I doubt everyone would like how the almond oil feels their hands after applying some of this cream.
Overall, I do like this product and I usually use it during the evenings.
This product is available in all drug store.
I also have seen more $3 coupons floating around.

sale C$6.99


  1. I have always liked Nivea, they are good products. My brother has sensitive skin and swears by Nivea cream (the normal one that's been around forever!) Elizabeth Matthiesen

  2. I haven't really tried a lot of Nivea products for some reason. But it seems like a quality brand and I do see coupons quite frequently.

  3. I love their new in-shower lotion!

  4. I like Nivea products, I think they are a very good quality. I'm hoping to try out their in-shower lotion soon, just have to use up the other stuff that I have first. :-)