Sunday, 14 October 2012

October 2012 Topbox ~ Unboxing

Endocare (Made in Spain)
Ampoules - serum to rejuvenate the skin
Full Size 7 x 1mL vials @ $59, Sample Size 2 vials @ $16.86
Tensage Radiance Contour - correct & brighten the eye contour area
Full Size 15mL @ $72.50, Sample Size 3mL @ $14.50
Formulated by European scientists.  In case you are wondering it is made from Cryptomphalsus Aspersa species...I feel like I am on an episode of Fear Factor.  Ha!  I will giving the vials to my mom but I think I might try the eye cream.

Hydrating Facial Sheet Masks (Made in Korea)
Full Size = Sample Size 23g @ $4.99
I think there are many beauty bloggers had tried this before.  It has no parabens added, sulfate free, mineral oil free, artificial fragrance free, Benzophenone Free, no added pigments, Vegan Friendly, Eco Friendly, 100% Biodegradable Mask, and Recyclable Packet...the Holy Grail of facial mask?

Eyeshadow Palette - In the Light
Full Size 14g @ $50, Sample Size $0
The sample is very cute.  I like that I could try different colour eyeshadow.  Wish I had a bit more of it...

Prime Pot - extends eyeshadow wear - Taffy
Full Size .14oz @ $26, Sample Size .07oz @ $13
Very excited to try this.  Beside the Stila lip gloss I bought for myself, I had never tried other items by Stila.

The value of my box is $49+

The Bottom Line
Product received - 3/5
The surprise - 3/5
Favourite product received -  Stila Prime Pot
Overall reaction - It's not a bad box.  So far it has been 2 for 2.  At least one item in the box will be makeup.  Excited to try Stila & MaskerAide.  Not sure how I feel about Endocare...

Do you like this month's box?


  1. I think I would've preferred the endocare product over the aveda product I received Here's my review

  2. I think the idea of the palette sample is a good but it doesn't seem like enough to really know if you'll like it or not. I personally haven't tried any of these but I see a lot of people posting about this box with disappointed reviews.

  3. The MaskerAide masks are really nice. It's too bad they are so expensive!

  4. I love the prime pot from Stila!