Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Garnier BB Cream

Yup, bought myself my first BB Cream.
It is just like a tinted moisturizer, nothing special.
I was already researching BB creams few weeks before all the companies were launching their own version of it.
That was pretty strange.
I only purchase this one because it is the cheapest one when they first came out.
It is OK...
It keeps my skin hydrated but that is about it.
I doubt it really does anything to my face like what the box says.
I am trying to see if it improves my skin after months of using it.
So far I don't see any benefit using this product.
I have been using this product almost everyday for about a month and I dont really see any improvement with or without the product on.
I doubt I would purchase this product again.
This product holds enough that will last me until Thanksgiving.
There is alot of product and you only need a small amount.
I guess that is a good thing.


  1. Hmmm I haven't tried out the Garnier one but I actually really like the Marcelle one (it will come out with an SPF version soon) - it actually did a great job of covering up imperfections!

    1. Its OK. I think the next one I want to purchase is a Korean name brand since they started it...

  2. Great review..thanks! I think if you want a TRUE BB cream that's not just tinted moisturizer, you need to spend $$. I tried that maybelline one everyone is raving about..wah wah.. :`( IT's just tinted moisturizer.

    1. Thanks. I agree. I think the next one I have to spend a bit more than C$13 for a BB Cream...we will see.

  3. I really think BB cream is just a thicker tinted moisturizer. Every time I use it I feel extra greasy, but that may have just been me. I used the Za BB gream that comes out recently. It feels like sunscreen + tinted moisturizer + cream foundation.

    Does this one have UV protection? I havent seen this in the market though, maybe they are not that popular in the US yet. (?) If this one has SPF30 or above, I would actually get it since most of the sunscreen in the US are so damn thick.


    1. I agree with you. Not much different than a tinted moisturizer. No SPF :( Which really sucks. I just put my sunscreen on first then put this BB cream on. I know the Korean brands has SPF in it. This BB cream should be in the US...

  4. Thanks for posting this. I've been hearing all about these BB creams and wanted to try them but I'm on a budget so I tried Garnier BB.
    I have not noticed anything special about it at all.
    It makes my skin feel greasy (I'm 44 yrs old with dry/mixed skin). I feel like it could slide right off my face.
    I haven't noticed any brightening or radiance.
    I prefer the way my complexion looks when I use a moisturizer and a touch of foundation in a few areas.

    1. Agree. It was the cheapest one at the time.

  5. I browse your post and find this one... would like to talk about my experience.
    I bought this Garnier BB with a promotional price $12.97 at Walmart about two month ago. At the beginning I didn't have any interested in this brand but I found the price is so lower, so I got one tube. BUT I used once and then I returned it to Walmart immediately. Due to it is so greasy and sticky, no SPF sun protection and NO any coverage. The job of BB cream is covering up imperfection on your skin. They don't have those function. Inferior quality.

  6. I've been really curious about the BB Cream craze! I haven't bought one yet and I'm not sure if I will.

    Thanks for the honest opinion!

    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  7. I have tried this product and love it