Wednesday, 4 July 2012

More Freebies in the Mail

1. A. Vogel: Arnica Gel
Never heard of the company.  I will use it when I have a back pains.  Yes, I have back pains.  I am that old.

2. LifeStyle coupon
Not really a freebie but it is a coupon I receive from Peek Frean's Facebook page.  If I could find them for $1...then it would be free!!  Hahahaha

3. Motrin
A sample of pain killers in the mail.  It also came with a coupon (not shown).  I will keep this in my purse when I need it.

4. Biotherm
Love Biotherm.  They are so expensive...I will only purchase them if I receive a free gift :)

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