Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Body Shop - Shea Lip Butter

I picked up The Body Shop's Shea Lip Butter for $3 (Reg $6) a few months back.
It is almost like Korres' Lip Butter without the huge price tag.
It smells great, goes on smoothly, and it helps hydrates my lips.
When I compare the two, The Body Shop is a bit thicker than the Korres' but I don't mind.
Just be careful when applying it on your lips.
If you put too much, it looks weird by turning your lips a bit pale.
Remember this is not tinted.
I am hoping to finish this soon so I could try the other flavours.


  1. I like this lip balm too although I'm not a fan of using my finger to apply it!

  2. I have yet to try The Body Shops lip balm!! I love all there other products not sure why I missed this one??!! Must try :)