Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Fruits and Passion: Hand Soap

Just before Canada's Day, Fruit and Passion had a great offer.
C$3 for their Cucina hand wash Regular Price C$9.99.
However, their instore ad said it retails for $14.
It was limited to one per customer.
So one bought one at one location and then bought another one at another location.
I have always wanted to try their hand soap but I though it was too expensive compare to Bath and Body Works.
The hand soap pump is made of glass and I could reuse it with any hand soap.
The hand soap is great.  Very mild and gentle on my skin.
It is not as thick as your usual hand soap.
I have even received a 50% off coupon if I decided to purchase more of the handsoap.
After using a few times I really like it.
However, I dont think I will be purchasing the refills - too expensive.


  1. Just came back from Fruits & Passions. Been shopping there for over 20 yrs.. Great products!

    Having a giveaway if interested @ Marsbar35 Jewelry and More USA and CANADA

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  3. Ps. you got a great deal.. which store did u shop at?

    I got them 3 for $24 :P

    1. It was only for the Canada Day Weekend...wished I bought more.

    2. yes.. that was an amazing price you got them for.

  4. I used to always use there hand soap before I had kids and they started emptying it in a day!!! They smell so yummy :)