Monday, 9 July 2012

Sunscreen Event at Pharma Plus/Rexall

I walked by my local Pharma Plus store.
I saw they were doing a Coopertone Sunscreen Event
After taking my picture and assessing my skin they gave me a goodie bag.
The goody bag contained 3 samples of sunscreen, key chain, bandanna, $1 off coupon for any Coopertone Sunscreen (not shown), and $5 off coupon when I spend on anything in Pharma Plus store (not shown in the picture).

Sunscreen Event at Pharma Plus/Rexall

Every since I have started to see sun/age spots I have been putting sunscreen religiously.
On top of that I wear a hat when I go outside.  I get annoyed with myself if I forget it sometimes.

Is putting sunscreen apart of your daily routine?


  1. I know I should.. :/ But, isn't it something you need to keep reapplying? How do I add it to my beauty (face) routine? I religiously slather my kids though... I have "age spots" that look like freckles around my lips..and those spots show up WAY more on camera (all over my face) than I realized I had!! UGH. I need to start. I wonder if my pharma plus was doing this..hmm..

    1. You should check or ask your Pharma Plus if they will do it or when they will do it. It wont hurt to ask. I only apply once because it will last about 8 hours. However if you are swimming or doing any other active activity then yes, you will need to apply more often.