Monday, 7 May 2012

David's Tea: Birthday Cake

This was an impulse purchase.
I was walking by David's Tea store and I saw their tea of the month display at the front.
Tea of the month for April was Birthday Cake
Perfect! My birthday was in April.
It smells like vanilla birthday cake.
It even has sprinkles in it.  How cool is that?
I love sweet tea so I had to purchase this one.

I took it home and followed the instructions on the back.
My cup smelled of vanilla cake and I was sniffing it constantly like it was a scented marker.
I love it so much I have used half the bag already.

I wonder what will be my next tea to try will be...


  1. Oh! That's a wonderful looking tea! I don't think I have ever tried David's tea...maybe I should! Angie xo

    1. You should. They are launching a new tea this week called strawberry shortcake...yum!

  2. I've never had David's Tea either, but I've seen them EVERYWHERE! Humm, this might inspire me to try it. .. sounds super duper amazing!

    Stopping by from BSN!

  3. That DOES sound delicious! April is a birthday month in my family too (my mother, brother and son). Maybe it's a sign that we need David's Birthday Cake tea.