Tuesday, 8 May 2012

More Free Stuff

I cant remember the last time I received full size product for free.
In this economy it is almost unheard of.
I almost never turned down free stuff.
With two growing kids, I need all the help I can get.

This one was from Facebook.
The first bunch of people who signed up will receive coupons in the mail.
The only problem was that you could only pick them up at Sobey's Urban Fresh.
It is my first time trying Organic Milk.
It taste like watered down milk.
They say that there is no difference between organic milk and regular milk because it is illegal to use hormones in Canada...

For a limited of time one of the coupon website (cant remember which one) was offering free cottage cheese.
This is my first time eating cottage cheese as a snack.
I always had it in my lasagne.
It is okay.  Not a big fan.
My girlfriend suggested putting honey on it.
I think I might give that a try.

Last month Kinder was having a twitter party giving out free eggs.
This coupon came in the mail a few weeks ago.
My daughter was so happy she was able to choose one from a store.
I cant believe how expensive they are.
At Shoppers Drug Mart, they were $1.69, ouch!
The best price is at Costco.
I could get a box of 24 for under $20 (when they are on sale).

Did you receive anything free recently?


  1. how cool! getting stuff for free :D
    I got an ORANGE as a gift after ordering food from a supermarket... an orange,seriously..

  2. We LOVE Kinder Eggs in our house! Congrats on your great finds!

    Visiting from SASS

  3. Kinder egg, trutaste milk, colgate total toothpaste.....and a few more too


    1. Colgate Toothpaste! I would have love that :)

  4. Most recently was some free greek yogurt from a facebook coupon.

    I do love getting free stuff, it really does make shopping so satisfying when they put through a free coupon!

    (Visiting from SASS)

    1. I saw that coupon... It wasn't available for people living in Ontario...Maybe next time.

  5. I love anything I can get for free. Sure helps with the budget. I've received a couple of coupons for free items from save.ca but don't find too many around. As soon as I see someone post I usually try but usually arrive late lol SASS

  6. We love kinder in our house! Hope you (or your kids) enjoy!