Monday, 7 May 2012

The 20th Good Food Festival & Market Event

This past weekend I attended the Good Food Festival & Market because I have won a pair of tickets from their facebook fan page.
Thank you Good Food Festival
It is my second time attending to this event.
The first time was about 5 years ago so I was excited to go.

The birthday cake

Ricardo :)


I wish I have taken more pictures of the event but I was too busy eating :)
I am not sure but the first event I attended to was much bigger.
This one seems a bit small...
Oh well, I still enjoyed it.


  1. ahhh I missed this.. I used to go years ago..
    Great review

  2. Lucky you! You met Ricardo Larrivee! Love his recipes...

    1. I didnt actually meet him. I just saw him from afar. I was to shy to say hi :)

  3. I remember going to a few of these when I was still living with my parents many moons ago. They were always fun and it was nice to see what new contraptions were out there, not to mention that the samples of food were divine.