Monday, 2 April 2012

One of a Kind Show - Spring 2012

It was my first time attending.
I didnt know what to expect.  I really enjoyed it on Friday night so I dragged my girlfriend to join me on Saturday morning and we spent 5 hours going vendor to vendor.

I did purchased a few items there.

1. Bamboo Lily
They sell very cute babies & toddlers clothing.  The clothes are so cute!  It is just that I have so much clothes for my little one that I can't purchase any more.  However, I did purchased the wash cloths for my little one.  They are super soft.

2. Teadot
I am a tea drinker and saw these Canadians make their own tea.  They sell their products online.  I purchased three different ones - citrus splash, going nutty, & love potion .  I have tried the going nutty & love potion so far and I am in love.

3.  Dot & Lil
I've heard this company before and I am so lucky to try them out at the show.  I bought the satsuma & shea body butter and the shea rescue butter for lips & nails.  They have at least 80% shea butter in them and that is what I was looking for.  They feel great on my skin and I love the tin.  I have been using them everyday.  I highly recommend this product.

4. Voisin's Maple Products
These are to die for.  I was so close getting the Maple Butter but when I look at the calories I couldn't do it. :) Maybe next time when I am not on a diet.  Lately, I have been putting the Maple Mustard on toast - it is so yummy.


  1. Great haul!!! Don't you just love Bamboo Lilly? I got 2 cute things for my friends' kids :)

  2. I love everything you bought! That maple mustard looks amazing!