Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Baby Soiree Event

I received some VIP tickets to the first Baby Soiree Event.
At the last minute my guest couldn't make it, wish I had enough time to arrange another buddy to attend it with me.

I arrived 10 mins after opening and there was a line up of strollers to get in.
Then the vendors were crapped into these small rooms where there is hardly enough room to walk around.
Not the greatest set-up.
They need to attend the Baby Time Show and learn from them.

This event you can have a 20 mins facial, mini hand massage, 5 min makeover, and a manicure, mini food/drinks, and a very decent grab bags when you hold a VIP pass.
However, almost everyone is a VIP guest so one booth for the facial, or two booth for the manicure sucks.
The only thing I didn't do was the manicure.

By the time I went to get my grab bag I was also displease how they managed it.
I waited for almost an hour to get to it and by the time I was there they have limited of supplies left, after they just opened two hours ago.
Their website was misleading of making you think you get a bucket loads of stuff/samples but in the end you only get to receive what is leftover (slim pickings).
I understand that this is their first time hosting the event but this is not the first baby show.

Overall, it was not horrible.  I saw great vendors and receive a decent loot bag.
Would I go next year?  Maybe if I receive the tickets again but I cannot pay $45 per ticket.
Sorry, I didnt have a free set of hands to take any pictures of the event.
Here of some pictures of pamphlets & goodies I received at the event.


  1. well this certainly doesn't sound like it was very well organised at all. I hope that a lot was learnt from this event and that in subsequent years it was much better - though I also found that $45/ticket was really steep.

  2. hopefully they've improved things by now!