Sunday, 1 April 2012

March 2012 Glossybox

Finally!  Just received my March Glossybox.
Can you believe it?
Some of the items in this month's box delayed the delivery...
It was worth the wait.
So to compensate they gave us extra glossypoints that will go towards a free box when you hit 1000 points.

This month box includes the following:

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion
Full size 354ml @ $ 11.99, sample size 71ml @ $2.40
I could get the same size at Walmart for $3-$4, so it is not really a sample size.  It is an okay item.  (p.s. sometime I receive free samples from Aveeno from LivingWell's website.)

Bailey Cosmetics Fresh Lip Gloss
Full size 8g @ $28 = sample size 8 g @ $28
Oh! Something new...but it is so weird that it does not come with a box to show the size or if I have the Berry or Pink colour.  I will assume I have the Berry one.

Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray
Full size 50ml @ $7, 150ml @ $12.50, 300ml @ $17.50, sample size 50ml @ $7
Never used a facial spray before.  I think it is great for hot humid summer.

Pandora's Blush St. Tropez
Full size 4 g @ $18 = sample size 4g @ $18
Now we are talking...blush!  I don't think I have received a blush in any of my sample boxes yet.

Sebastian Re-Shaper Hairspray
Full size 300g @ $19.95 = sample size 43g @ $2.86
There is a typo on my information card telling me that 43g/$19.95 which is incorrect.  I don't use much of hair spray because I don't have time for my hair :(

Extra - Algemarin Foam Bath
5 x 5ml @ $3.99, 500ml @ $17.99, 750ml @ $23.95, sample size 15ml @ $0.48 (based on 750ml)
I think my daughter will like this more than I will.

The total value of this box is $58+

The Bottom Line
My experience with this month's box - 4.5/5
Product received - 4.5/5
The surprise - 5/5
Favourite product received - Pandora's Blush
Brownie Points - Many full size samples
Overall reaction - Wow, this box is crazy.  Maybe it is to make up for last month's box.

Do you like this month's box? I noticed that not everyone received the Bailey Lip Gloss.  What did you received?


  1. I'm a little on the fence about the box. I love the blush and Evian spray, but I don't use hair spray, the Aveeno product is not a luxury product which GlossyBox advertised they'd have, and I got a foundation powder worth $40 that doesn't match my skin tone. I'll use the Aveeno lotion, and I lvoe Aveeno, but it's not a "top brand," and their website claims they'll include "luxury" "top brands." Obviously the $40 Bailey powder foundation is a luxury item, but if it doesn't match my skin it's not worth anything. Yes, I can give it away but I paid $15 to try out things, not give them away. With the blush alone the box is worth it, so I am happy. I just feel like it didn't meet my expectations based on 1) their own website's claims, and 2) the reviews I read on Facebook before I got my own box.

    1. I know what you mean about Aveeno. The Blush & Evian spray are worth $25+taxes alone and you pay $15, so at least you got your money's worth. :) Good Luck on your decision making.

  2. I'm quite happy with the box. I didn't get the lip gloss. I actually got the kabuki brush. Funny thing, I'm getting one (cheap one) from BH cosmetics for free with my order. :)

    I don't mind getting a variety of samples of different brands..not just luxury. If it's something that you feel you're wasting money on, it's not worth the risk. To me, 15 bucks's fun. :) You always get your money's worth one way or another!

    1. I agree. I wish I have gotten the brush. I have so many lip gloss now and getting a brush will be a nice change.