Wednesday 4 April 2012

Just in time for Easter ~ #Review

Make way! My bunnies for Easter have just arrived.
The Easter Bunny made an early delivery.
I've won these cuties from Stuck on You.

They are so generous to send me two for each of my daughters.
Are they not adorable?
I could not wait for Easter to give them to my girls.
They are just too pretty to hide away.
My two girls fell in love the moment they laid eyes on them.

The bunnies are approximately 13 inches long.

The face features are sewn in so they are perfect for all ages.
They are very simple bunnies.
With care, the dresses can be taken off.
If you are skilled with a sewing machine, you could create a new wardrobe for the bunnies.
They are thin so it would be easy to pack them away to take on trips or over nights at grandma's place.
The bunnies travelled from Australia so they took just over two weeks to arrive to Canada.

The best part of the bunnies is that they feature a sewed in version of your child's name on the dress, so there is no fighting over which bunny belongs to who.
The bunny feels like it is made of linen but it is really made of polyester.

I would highly recommend this bunny to anyone who is look for something to give for Easter.
Even I want one with my name on it!
Unfortunately, it is only available for Easter so make sure you order one before they disappear.

*I won the products from Stuck on You.  The opinions/comments are my own.*


  1. It's wonderful to hear that your girls love their Easter Rabbits. Thanks for the great review!

    1. My girls are sleeping with them right now :)

  2. awe, such cute bunnies, no wonder your girls have fallen in love with them :-)