Tuesday, 14 February 2012

February 2012 topbox

I love getting things in the mail besides the bill.
There was a rumour that this month's box theme was make-up because last month was all about hair.
This will be my fourth box, you can read my previous topbox here - November, December, and January.
It is currently still sold out but I heard that it might go back on sale this month for the month of June.
Good Luck! *Update* Sold Out in 15 mins...

This month's box:

Yves Saint Laurent - Mascara
Full size: $36, sample size $9 (I assume 1/4 of the size)
Oh my, I can't wait to try this.  Never tried this brand before.  Good size sample - like from free gift with purchase sample.

Yves Saint Laurent - Touche Eclat (concealer)
Full size: $50, sample size $0 (something you might get from a magazine)
Too bad we only get a tiny magazine size sample.  Enough for maybe one time use.  Not very pleased with this sample.

LillyPilly - Kakadu Plum Hand & Body Creme
Full size: 150ml @ $22, sample size $1 (estimated guess)
Received two little sample packages.  Too bad it is so small, might get two uses out of it.  Maybe it is because we received a deluxe size last month and this is only a smell tester of a different scent for us to try.  Kinda not worth bothering putting in this month's box.

Pari Beauty - Eyeshadow #54
Full size: 2g @ $11, sample size = full size (yeah!)
It is a very pretty eye shadow I can actually use.  It is purple with a little hint of gold in it.

C. Booth Derma Skincare - Hand & Nail cream

Full size: 120g @ $16, sample size = full size (yeah!)
When I put it on it smells like Jergen's or Curel's hand cream.  Made my hands all nice and smooth.  I love hand creams.

The total worth of this box is $28+

I am very happy to receive my two full size sample and a deluxe size but then mini samples are kinda disappointing. *Meh*

The Bottom Line
My experience with this month's Topbox - 3.5/5
Product received - 3.5/5
The surprise - 4/5
Favourite product received - C. Booth Derma Hand cream
Brownie Points - Arrived on time without delays

Did you receive yours yet?
What did you get?

Until next time
Ta ta


  1. I agree with your feedback. I got #72 Aqua blue shade eyeshadow.

  2. Not impressed with my first topbox that I had been waiting for since November. I received similar items, except I go Shu Uemura Shimmer shampoo instead of the skincare and the Aqua Blue shadow that I will never wear. Also did not like the tiny magazine trial sizes.. Sadly I have cancelled my subscription.

  3. p.s. what was the valentine suprise? Mine had nothing?

  4. I didnt know there was suppost to be a surprice valentine?

  5. Topbox posted on FB about guessing what the valentine treat was...people guessed chocolate, cinnamon hearts..etc?? Maybe I misunderstood?

    1. Maybe it was the valentine's giveaway box?

    2. You are correct...the contest was the Valentine's Day surprise.

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  7. Hi all,

    This is Isabel from Topbox. There was no Valentine treat that was promoted for this month's Topbox.

    We did try something a little different this month with the smaller size of concealer. YSL's Touche Eclat is one of the best cosmetic products in the world, and we wanted to give everyone a chance to try it. As we can see from the comments, maybe we should still to the 'size' of the sample.

    What do you think?

    1. Agree. So far all your boxes had decent size samples that we can try at least a few times. It is just too bad that this month's had a few magazine's size samples which does not fit your company's services. I am happy with 3 of the products but the "4th" one fell a little short. Thanks

  8. This month was a tad disappointing. Mostly because they said the eyeshadow was personalized for you but then the way they decided was based on a question in our beauty profile that no one really understood pertained to colours of eyeshadows/makeup. I would have LOVED the peach or purple eyeshadow from pari but I got a blue. I love the blue, and if I had brown eyes I would wear it all the time, but I have blue eyes so I just don't wear blue eyeshadow ever. Kind of a waste.

    1. That sucks. I think one of the question they should put on the question/survey is the colour of your eyes and you are correct. Blue eyes and blue eye shadow doesn't work. I hope you can give it away to someone. :(

  9. Oh, I also like getting stuff in the mail! :) I love to order them online. But checks ...)))