Wednesday, 18 January 2012

They are Here!!!

Just got the email that Glossybox has landed on Canadian soil.
They had opened their office in Toronto.
The catch is they are $15 per box for 5 items. Yikes!
Anyone going to join?
I was hoping it was not more expensive than their other competitor.
I want to join but for $15???
I am sure people are going to join but that shows that if they can charge $15 then the others might raise their price too!
I think one reason why it is so expensive is their overhead cost.
I am not surprise that having an office in downtown Toronto is cheap.  They should have opened their office where rent is cheaper to help reduce their cost of the box :(
Should I join?  Are you?  Let me know :/
*Update, $15 include taxes.  I live in Ontario so our tax rate is 13% so the box is $13.27 per month...OK, it does not seem too bad and they did say once in a while they send you a free 6th item.  It is $1.27 more expensive than the Luxe box.


  1. while i would love to join, i know these products would just sit in my makeup drawer and not be touched (although i love me some new makeup!!)

    1. I find it fun to join. Never know what I will receive. It is not always makeup :)

  2. I joined and I'm pretty excited about having 4 sample boxes now! I don't have to buy makeup anymore ;-)

  3. I think that you should join! You are 100% right when you said that it's fun to join and the other half of the fun is not knowing what you're going to get every month. Though, to be honest, I've joined all four, but I haven't started receiving all four - but once I do, I think that I'm going to get rid of one - eventually. ;)

    1. I am glad you joined. It's fun to get GOOD mystery boxes. Anything I don't like I have put them aside to give them to my mom for mother's day. I know she will like them. Once you start you will have difficulties when to quit because you might never know what will be in the next box...

  4. Subscribed too! I hope Glossybox won't let me down!

    Not sure if I can publish this - but I'm looking to get rid of my subscription to Luxe Box. I foolishly bought a year and have 5 months left. Not a Luxe Box fan anymore. Let me know if anyone is interested.... You can delete this post.