Tuesday, 17 January 2012

January 2012 Glymm Box

It is a foggy and rainy morning.
Trying to stay warm and dry...then I heard my door knocking.
I opened my door and saw the Canada Post truck drive away...Oooo!  My Glymm box has arrived.
For more information about the box and their services go to their website.

Once I opened the box, this is what I've found:

Kaia Naturals: Juicy Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths
Full size 30 cloths @ $17.99, sample size is 1 cloth @ $0.60
This is very interesting.  I cant wait to try it.  I think this is a bit expensive for 30 cloths.  I never understand why bamboo products are so expensive when it is consider a weed in China.

Vasanti Cosmetics: BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator
Full size 120 ml @ $34, sample size is 12g @ $3.40
At first I thought it was a cream.  It is to ex-foliate your face.  It smells great and it feels like a face wash with very fine sand beach in it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Clear Brow Gel
Full size .28oz @ $21, sample size is 0.085oz @ $6.38
Never heard of brow gel before.  I am not sure how to use this item.  It looks like a mascara.

Burt's Bees: Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion
Full size 170 g @ $12.99, sample size is 14 ml(g) @ $1.07 (based on both pkg)
Not a big fan of their packaging.  Wish it was in a little container so it wont dry out if I dont use it all at once.  I have tried their lip balm and face wash but never their lotion.  I dont I like the smell, even if it smells like milk and honey.  The smell does goes away so that is OK.

Cargo Cosmetics: Eye Pencil
Full size 2 g @ $16 = sample size
I love full size samples.  Who does not :p.  I have growing collection of eye pencils.  LOL  I cannot tell the difference between this eye pencil than the other ones I have already.  At least I will still use it.

Total value of the box is $27.

They also have included a free lip shine from their boutique that is worth $25.  However, you have to purchase something first in order to receive the free item.  Not sure I will be using this.

The Bottom Line
My experience with this month's box - 4/5
Product received - 3/5
The surprise - 4/5
Favourite product received - Cargo eye pencil

Both my mom and I received the same thing...that is OK
We were both sad there were no jelly beans this month...I wonder if they forgotten in this month's box

Until next time.
Ta ta for now.


  1. Hi Happy,
    I got the same thing too but my brow gel tube is broken which by the way, is used for brow maintenance. It helps brows stay looking neat and tidy and in place. Do you know if they replace broken items?
    This is only my second box. I joined because of you :)

    1. I believe so. Take a picture of the item and email it to them. I have heard they have excellent customer service. Beside of the broken item, I hope you are enjoying your boxes.
      FYI - I am just a regular paying customer just like you. :)

  2. Hi Happy,
    I know that you're a regular customer but I just figured you knew a little more than I did.
    I ended up sending them an e-mail and got a quick and cheerful response. If they have more brow samples, they will send me one.
    Anyway, I really enjoy your blog and I think you should go for the GlossyBox!

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog - that made my day. :)
      I think if they don't have extras they might send you "another" product replacement. I've read a similar situation happened to another girl. Fingers cross x x
      Let me know what happens.

  3. Thanks for the review! What color was your Cargo pencil? I got Black but on FB a few ladies said they received Wood.

    1. I have black which is OK. Either black, brown, or even white works for me. At least it is not red or orange! LOL