Thursday, 26 January 2012


Don't know why we have cable.
It is so expensive and we hardly use it.
The only person who is really benefiting it is my daughter.  She loves her Treehouse.
We are under contract for 2 years so once it is up - I can't wait to cancel it.
Sometimes I have the Food Network or HGTV as back ground noise but paying about $60 is a waste of money.
However, I do watch anime online.
The first anime I watched was Astro Boy.
Then came Akira (which I didn't like) and Sailor Moon which they created my love of anime.

Over the years I watched so many that I have lost count.
There are some favourite ones that I will re-watch them again.  That is for another blog.  :)
I prefer watching the original voices with English subtitles.
I only watch anime and I do not collect posters, figures, memorize lines, etc...
I am not that obsessive.
So what do you call a person who just like watching them...??


  1. I call them someone who enjoys a show but doesn't go overboard

  2. normal I'd say. I'm not interested in anime but my adult children love it. Takes all sorts I guess :-)