Thursday, 26 January 2012

Discounted Giftcards

Oh!  I was not expecting this in the mail for a few more days but I am glad I received it.
I ordered a gift card from CardSwap.
It took about one week to reach my front door.
This is my first time using CardSwap.
First time users gets $5 off your first purchase.
They don't have every gift cards in stock so you will have to check everyday to see what they have.
You can sell your unwanted gift cards.
For more information go to their website or contact them.

My review on CardSwap:

Prices - Gift cards are discounted.  It is your decision if it is a bargain.  I purchased mine at 10% off so I only save $2.50...LOL.
Retails - Not all cards are available.  Check daily, you might never know what is in stock.
Shipping - Free! But there is no tracking number.  They put it in snail mail so I dont know what happens if it gets lost. :(
Website - Easy Peasy
Delivery - Took about a week (this will vary depending where you live)
Customer Service - Don't know, didn't need to contact them.

Overall, I am happy to receive my first purchase.  Will I use them again...maybe.  I will keep on checking once in awhile to see if there is anything worth purchasing.  Now it is time to go shopping!


  1. I ordered a gift card from them also saved $2.50
    it took 2 months before I was able to get the card I wanted, they never had the card available. I was lucky one day I went online & I picked it up. :)

    Movie time for me :)

  2. I've not yet used Card Swap but I've been hearing mostly positive things about them! Thanks

    Anne Taylor