Saturday, 28 January 2012

January 2012 Luxe Box

It is the end of the month and their January Luxe box finally came.
The reason why, you can read it here.

This is my 5th box - I have their September, October, November, and December box.
My favourite box is the November so far.
When I picked up the box the first thing I noticed is it's bigger.
There were two boxes inside!
I was so excited to open it.

The first box (black box):

Yves Rocher: Rouge Dragee Lipstick
Full size 3.5g @ $5 ($4.95 as per their website) = sample size
It is OK.  I am not a big fan of lip stick.  I am more of a lip gloss/lip balm person.  It is smooth when I put it on.  It is more orangy than red on me.  This was in other subscriber's previous month box.

NYX: Eye shadow
Full size 2.5g @ $5 = sample size
The colour I have is Dust Sparkle.  It is very light.  I have lots of glittery eye shadow.  Too bad it was not a solid colour.  Last month I received their black eye liner, you can read it here.

Chloe: Eau De Parfume
Full Size 50ml @ $90 = sample size 5ml @ $9
It came in a cute little bottle.  This was another product from previous month box.  I am not a big fan of this perfume.  My husband didn't like it on me.  He found it too strong.  :(

Chi: Silk Fusion
Full size 180ml @ $33 = sample size 15ml @ $2.75
It came in a tiny bottle and it might last me 3 or 4 washes since I have long hair.  It has a oily texture like any other hair product.  I think I have seen this product before???  I can't remember.

Bonus - Seattle's Best Coffee
Full size 340g @ $9.99 = sample size 56g @ $1.65
Plus a $1 off coupon
I don't drink coffee and my husband prefers either Starbucks or Tim Horton's.  Will have to give this away to either my mom or my sister in-law.   :(

The second box (white box):

I received a 5 blade Schick Hydro Silk razor that is worth $13.99 plus it came with $4 off coupon for replacement blades.  I think this is nice but unfortunately I have a collection of razors...don't ask me why.
Too bad it didn't come with free sample of shaving gel but it came with Fekkai Advance Shampoo and Conditioner sample.  If I purchase them at Shoppers Drug Mart I received 8,000 points which is worth $10 (I think).  I am not a big fan with these shampoo samples - only good for one wash.  I consider this cheapo sample :) .  I like the travel size and once in awhile I get them for free.  I will estimate the sample might be worth $2.00.

The worth of this box is approximately $39+

Overall, I am depressed receiving this box because I could not get one of the Benefit cosmetic they had available.  I was not chained to my computer so I didn't get the email until later that evening.  By then all the samples were gone.  :(  I was one of the unfortunate ones who lucked out & I wanted to cry...Boo


  1. Perhaps you should unsubscribe from Luxe Box (unless you paid for a year). Loose Button isn't a personal shopper - it's sending you things to see if you like them. You wrote right in this post it's worth at least $39. You paid 12. That's a pretty good value for you to be able to try out new things which you might not otherwise try. Who knows? Maybe you'd actually like some of the things.

    1. I don't hate the box. I just wished I was able to get the Benefit Cosmetic to try. I don't think I could cancel their service because I will never know what will be in the next box and I might miss out on it. :)

  2. I unsubscribed to LB & I don't regret it 1 bit.
    The Benefit cosmetics should have been in everybox, not left overs from previous boxs. :P

  3. This is definitely not the best box! I hate it when a box is disappointing! I like Chloe perfume though!