Saturday, 28 January 2012

January 2012 Julep box

This was sitting in my mailbox

Have you hear of Julep Maven?
I didn't until I read it on another Canadian blogger site...I can't remember who.
Your first box would be $5 US and boxes after that will be $19.99 US/month.
You go to their website and fill out a survey to know your style.
Well, I am only going to try this once to see if I like it.
I find that $19.99 US for two tiny bottle of nail polish and hand cream seems a bit much even if they say it is worth $40US.

My review on Julep:

Price - $5US for the first box and $19.99US/month.  Expensive if you ask me.
Shipping - Free! But there is no tracking number for us Canadians.  :(
Website - Easy Peasy
Delivery - Took about 9 business days from the time I put in the order.  This may vary depending on where you live.
Customer Service - Don't know, didn't need to contact them...yet.
Cancellation - You have to call them to cancel.  They say you can cancel at any time...but read the fine print.
Skip - you have the ability to skip a month which is nice.  In case you are travelling or away this is a nice option.

Overall, it was nice to receive it.  For $5US for two nail polish and a hand cream but not worth $19.99US if you ask me.  I wasn't sure how long it would have taken across the boarder.  I've found it OK.  I've already skipped next month's box only because I didnt received this box yet.  Might cancel it next week or so.  I really not interested in paying 2 or 3 tiny nail polish for $19.99US.

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  1. I've been a Maven for 8 months now and have gotten some good deals at their sales but I often skip the monthly box.