Thursday, 29 December 2011

How She Does It?

A mother of two - you learn how to juggle/multi-task.
Here are a few of my tips

  • Use a calendar all the time and try not to double book yourself.  
  • Plan ahead if you can. 
  • Find short cuts (two birds with one stone) ie when purchasing take outs make sure there are some leftovers for snacks for later. 
  • Make use of the crock pot - mother's best friend.  
  • Have your hubby cook dinner a few times a week.
  • Not afraid to have someone to help you like your husband, grandparent, or aunts/uncles.  
  • Pick your battles.  
  • Don't sweat the small stuff.  
  • Take one day at a time and if laundry/dishes does not get done - it is OK, it can wait.  

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  1. A calendar and making lists are essential

  2. when I had my girls I went back to work early only because of money issues, and I had to be at work for 1:30am and I worked till 12 noon. thank goodness the babysitter had most of the housework was done! I went to bed everynight at 8 and my girls just fell smoothly right into that routine which was also nice, but now that I'm home on disability they are grown and moved out, wish I could've spent more time with them when they were younger

  3. Keeping everything on a calendar sure makes sense and makes life that much easier.

  4. Occasionally you hit the odd pothole on the road of life but if you follow these tips it wont be such a big hole that you can't climb out of

  5. Small stuff sometimes eats our life, good point just take everything easy.