Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Every year my hubby and I limit our selves to $50 each for Christmas because we always go out shopping on Boxing Day to get what we wanted and/or needed.
It is cheaper for us to do it this way.
I gave my hubby a wool scarf, long johns (for running), and thick winter hiking socks.
That was $50+taxes
He broke the rules and spent a bit more and got me the Kobo touch.
I have the original Kobo May 2010 and it has been scratch up a bit and the button is worn down.
It is taken me a bit getting us to this new Kobo since I am so use to the old one.
I love the invention of e-ink and e-readers.
I can read without the weight of a book and with the e-ink technology does not hurt my eyes.
With my first Kobo, people had asked me what it was and if I like it.
I love it and I never go to work with out it - it is my travelling buddy.
I wish I could get the Kobo Vox - Shhh...dont tell my hubby that :)


  1. eReaders are a cool invention. great way to hold an entire library in your pocket

  2. Have thought about one of these for a couple of years now, maybe this is the year

  3. I do have an ereader but I must admit I much prefer a book in my hand - old fashioned maybe or perhaps it's because my Kobo is one of the first so pretty old by todays standards. I do wonder whether you've advanced to the Kobo Vox yet and if you like it :-)

  4. Great gift!! I have to invest in one :)

  5. Totally want one of these! Love reading!

  6. I do not have any readers but would love to get one, they are quite expensive, I just wait when they will be on sale.