Monday, 14 November 2011

Signed Up!

So I have officially signed myself up for two yoga classes (2X/week) at a community center.
They are so much cheaper than other places.  It is about $6.34 (incl taxes) per class.
I enjoy my classes, I have to do them again.
This time I have missed signing up for my daughter's ballet, soccer, and karate classes.
However, I did sign her up for "sportability" class.
It is a class where they play all kind of sports - soccer, baseball, basketball, etc...
It sounds like gym class anyways.  It will give us an idea what she might like to do.
My hubby thinks he will be taking her to Wushu in the new year...we will see if she is ready.
I was thinking of doing pilates but I end up sticking with yoga this winter until the Spring so I can start running again.
If it was Fall weather all year around, I will be running but I dont like running in the cold.
I usually start it up again around end of March or mid-April.
My goal is to lose about 20 lbs (weight before the 2nd baby) by the time I return to work.
I will have to work extra hard not to over eat during the winter months (so hard to do) and spend more time outside and exercising out my fat cells.
Wish me luck!

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