Sunday, 13 November 2011

More Samples!

A few weeks ago I have found that Kraft Canada was going to mail out some samples to their new products they have launched recently.  They called it Kraft First Taste - Samplicious.
I've received my box on Friday.
Just as I was leaving the house I found this huge box sitting in front of the house.
The items are free and all I had to was pay for shipping for $10+taxes.  YEAH!

Few items that is in the sample box

This is what I received:

BrandFlavourSizeMSRPYou Pay
Chips Ahoy! MiddlesChocolate Chip280g$ 3.59$ 0.00
Chips Ahoy! MiddlesDouble Chocolate280g$ 3.59$ 0.00
Triscuit Thin CrispsCheddar & Fine Herb225g$ 3.19$ 0.00
Triscuit Thin CrispsApplewood Smoked Barbecue225g$ 3.19$ 0.00
Kraft Dinner Smart mac &#8216n cheeseFibre200g$ 1.79$ 0.00
Wheat Thins StixPizza226g$ 2.99$ 0.00
Trident SplashGrape with OrangeN/A$ 1.39$ 0.00
Trident LayersPeppermint + SpearmintN/A$ 1.79$ 0.00
Trident LayersCool Mint + Melon FrescoN/A$ 1.29$ 0.00
Trident WhiteWintergreenN/A$ 1.29$ 0.00
TridentHydramintN/A$ 1.79$ 0.00
TridentHydracitrusN/A$ 1.79$ 0.00
aMOOza! Twists cheese (coupon)Mozzarella-Cheddar252g$ 5.79$ 0.00
Philadelphia Dill Cream Cheese (coupon)Dill250g$ 3.99$ 0.00
Pure Kraft Salad Dressings (coupon)Ranch or Caesar355g$ 3.99$ 0.00
what's cooking magazine$ 3.50$ 0.00

I am not sure why they put a price on their "What's Cooking Magazine" when I get them for free every quarter.  I already had that subscription.  That is an old one, they should include the winter (Christmas) one.  I know because I have already have one.

The Taste Taste (so far):
Chips Ahoy! Middles (both) - YUM!
Thin Crisps (applewood & cheddar) - YUM!
Trident gums - Yuck!, yuck! It loses its tastes in 5 mins and it feels like it is going to fall apart.
Wheat Thins Stix - YUM

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