Friday, 18 November 2011

November Luxe Box Review

I was so happy to find my November Luxe Box yesterday afternoon.
I love surprises.

More information on Luxe Box by Loose Button click here.
It is a little late but as long it gets to me I am a happy person :P

So this is what I received:
Lise Watier - eye glitter liner
I can't wait to try this.  Just in time for the holidays.  I am going to a birthday party this weekend and I will be putting this on.

Pur Minerals - foundation primer
I know some people has already received this one in the previous box but I have always wanted to try a product by Pur Minerals so I can't wait.  One of my friends raves about Pur Minerals so I hope I will like it.

Moroccan Oil - styling cream
I am not sure what this is.  Cream for your hair?  Is it like styling gels or leave in conditioner for your hair?  It is nice and light.  So it is like a leave in conditioner.

Benefit Cosmetics - moisture prep toning lotion

A cool sample of Benefit Cosmetics.  I see this all the time when I go into Sephora but never sure if I should buy it.  I love the bottle.  It is so small and cute!  Don't throw it out once you are done.  You can re-use it or re-fill it and put it your purse/suitcase/gym bag/locker/nap sack, etc...

Teaopia - cactus fig tea
** The Bonus** I love tea.  I drink it every day.  I love Teaopia, especially the samples they give out in front of the store.  I love the smell.  My husband and I tried it.  We both enjoyed it.  I will use my 20% off coupon soon.  I also love the tin can.  Dont forget to re-use it!

The summary:
Lise Watier: eye glitter; full size - 6 ml @ $18, sample size 2.5 ml @ $7.50
Pur Mineral: primer - full size 30 ml @ $31, sample size 10 ml @ $10.33
Moroccan Oil: styling cream - full size 250 ml @ $32, sample size 75 ml @ $9.60
Benefit Cosmetics: toning lotion - full size 177.4 ml @ $29, sample size 8.9 ml @ $1.45
Teaopia: tea - full size 50g @ $7, sample size = full size = one happy momma
Grand total: $35+

Base on what I have read so far I think everyone will receive the Benefit toning lotion and the Teaopia sample.
Others will receive maybe a product by Lise Watier like a powdered eye shadow, Neiges perfume or plump gloss (I have received that last month).
Some will received a Body balm/Lip Treatment by Mereadesso, Poise Tint/Total Moisture Facial Cream by Benefit, Essie nail polish (last month's box), Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub, or even E.L.F eye shadow.

As you can see, the list goes on and on.
So it is like a draw.  You will never know what you might received.  Your box will be either the same or totally different than others.

I am happy with my box.  I would have love to try the other items too since I have only received 4 items plus the bonus where as other received 5 samples plus the bonus.  Oh well, I like my box anyways.

I can't wait for my December box.  I wonder if they will do something exciting and special for Christmas.


  1. LOVE your box. I was SUPER happy with my box. I got a glitter eyeliner, its in opal though. and a Lipgloss, two fragrances, an olay thing i'm giving to my momma. Some tea, and I LOVE tea :D And the benefit toning prep. This month was a really nice box. I've been loving some of last month's samples and using them daily so I'm just overall really enjoying luxebox!

  2. Lucky you! You received one extra item than me. Happy trying.