Saturday, 12 November 2011

Mrs. Field's

Have you ever had Mrs. Field's cookies?
They are so good.
I have tried many freshly baked cookies like Tim Horton's, Subway's, Starbuck's, and hotel's and so far no one has been as good as Mrs. Field's.
My hubby received his birthday cookie from work.  He was able to bring home some leftovers...I am so happy!!!
You can even bake it at home.  The store released their recipe online - here.


  1. They do not have stores here anymore.
    But I have the Mrs Fields cookbook she released over 10 years ago.
    Not sure if it is in print- but her flourless brownies or whatever they are called are very good.
    Expensive to make though!

  2. That's incredible that a store released their recipe online! I thought these recipes etc were always guarded like mad as a top secret sort of thing.