Thursday, 10 November 2011

Baked goods purchases

When I have the time, I love to bake.
I also love baking gadgets.   New tools makes you want to bake some more.
My favourite and #1 store to go to is HomeSense.
If I have tons of money, I would redecorate my house with that store.
If I can't find what I am looking at HomeSense I would go to or Michael's for my purchases.
I think I went crazy, look what I have bought...


I have used this and it does not look anything like the picture...
This all cost me a little over $18 (taxes included).
One of my order was in backorder which brought my order over $25 for free shipping.
They said it will take awhile so they are sending me these items first.
I have placed this order a month ago.  They wanted to wait for the last item but found out it will take even more time for that to arrive.

Marshall's (sister of Winners/HomeSense)
Cant wait to find sometime to start baking.


  1. I love baking pans, bowls, spoons, measuring cups etc.! They just make me so happy!

    Rafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

  2. It looks like you did well. I wonder why the cupcakes didn't turn out right, I find that very disappointing.

  3. That cupcake pan looks great! Did they end up looking better than the picture, or a complete failure?