Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Online Purchase

Hello Canadians online shoppers
Who has shopped at Beyond the Rack?

I have subscribed to this about a year ago and I still have not purchased anything.
The big main issue is that I have to pay for shipping - $11.95
It just does not make sense to me when I am purchasing an item for $19.99 and the shipping cost just as much as the item.
It is possible the item maybe suggested retail price of $40 and it is selling for $20 but if you include shipping you are only saving $8.  Is it worth it?
I don't know how long you have to wait for them to ship to your door.  Someone just order something and it said it will take 5-6 weeks and they paid for $12 shipping for that kind of service.  That is horrible customer service.
I guess one the best time to buy from them is when you have a coupon code from Team Buy or Living Deal.  I would pay $9 or $10 and get $20 worth to use on the website.
That way, you just have most of your shipping paid for.
Now, I am just waiting to see...

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  1. I have purchased a few things from BTR, and am pretty satisfied with the service... If you purchase more than one item, it is better bang for your buck, but if you consider the fact that if you are paying full price for something on another website, you very well may have to pay for shipping as well, so buying it on BTR for 50% off and then paying the $11.95 shipping, is a great deal