Thursday, 20 October 2011

Beauty Deluxe Sample Boxes

There are many posts comparing the Luxe Box and Glymm Box.
(Click link to get more information.)

I personally like to subscribe to both.
If there was another company I would also subscribe to it.
If the Birchbox was offered to Canadians I would automatic sign up.
The stuff I end up not using, I could always repackage them and give them away ie my mom.
There are always people complaining what they get and these company can not make everyone happy.
Even on facebook they post their dislikes and tell them they are leaving.
Yeah, I dont care if you are staying or leaving.
Do I really need to know?
It is possible they are asking people to join them and not subscribe to them or something...
I think they should send a private email instead of posting it on facebook.


  1. I agree! Instead of complaining just unsubscribe! I always give the items I don't like to friends and family.

  2. If I have something to complain about or simply a query to make, I send a private FB message.