Friday, 21 October 2011


Sometimes I feel like the school is always thinking of ways to get more money.
So far:
BBQ - meet the teacher was $1 for a hotdog or $0.50 drinking box or a cookie
Pizza Lunch - $4 for two squares or $4 for a square and a drinking box
I know the extra money they raise will go towards school supplies/equipment.
It is only the start of the school year.
Plus there is even a fundraising on top of it.

Photo days are the worst.
Why do they make it impossible to afford.
It is more expensive than if I take my girl to Walmart or Loblaws.
I should be also thinking of booking a time for a photo shoot for our Christmas photo.

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  1. the schools are always asking for money and the Friday lunches are very expensive, and the school pictures really jumped in price, for people like me who is on disability it's very hard to afford