Monday, 3 October 2011


It is 9pm and I started baking.
Why 9?  It is because both kids are a sleep.
They are too young to be in the kitchen.
Maybe when the older one is 5 or 6...maybe
So I have tried to do the pop cake but instead of chocolate I am using vanilla.
I am not sure if it will work but it is worth the shot.
Both the cake and the icing is made from scratch.
It is alot of work.
Once the cake was baked I knew my hubby wanted to eat some so I made another chocolate cake from the box using a new cake pan.
The cake pan was shaped like a cupcake where you can add the filling.
Well, it didnt go what is should look like but he ate it anywas.
Finally the cake was cooled I started the chopper to breakdown the cake...opps!
Yes, I was not paying attention and sliced my finger.
Usually I dont hurt myself while baking but I hardly use my chopper.
It is now past midnight and I am finally done with a big pile of dishes to clean.
No, I dont have a dishwasher.
One of these day I will get one.
So the first step of the cake pop is in the fridge.
I dont even know if I did it right.
I guess I will find out tomorrow.

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