Monday, 3 October 2011

Yoga Night

Last week I had a sore neck.
Now this week I have a cold.  LOL
I can never win.
It was a good class which means I can't do most of the stuff.  Hahahaha
I really enjoy it when the class goes pretty fast.
It feels like I just got there.
There are so many names for each of the positions that I hope to get use to them.
I have been thinking of getting another yoga mat.
I've realized that it is too short for me.  I guess I am too tall.
Plus my tail bone hurts after pressing it against a thin yoga mat.
Maybe if I can get another one to give it more of a cushion that my tail bone would not hurt as much.
Unless I am doing it all wrong....hahahaha

On another note, my pop cake project does not look like what it suppose to.
I guess I will see what happens after I shape it into a ball and dip it into chocolate.
My worry is that it will not hold its shape.
Cross my fingers tomorrow.

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