Saturday, 15 October 2011

Glymm Update

I am enjoying my Glymm box this weekend.
So far I (we) ate all the jelly beans.
I didnt think they will last long since I had to share it with the family. :)

Yesterday I have tried Lise Watier and I found it really bright orange-red on me.
I kinda like how it apply to my lips it but I think I will get a different colour since it is really bright on me.
I am not sure about the Principessa Lip Balm ($11).  It feels very similar to Bath and Body version and it is only $7.50 and $5 if it is on sale.
Vasanti eyeshadow is very bright and pink on my skin.  I am not sure about the colour since I usually buy earth tone colours.
I am having fun trying them out in the comfort of my home.

On another note, this afternoon the family went to Magenta Studio to participate their halloween contest.
Hope we win!

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  1. never heard of this company before but sounds great!!!!