Sunday, 16 October 2011

Compare Lip Balm

As I mentioned on my previous post. I was comparing the two lip balm I have.
Principessa is $11 can be only purchased online.  I have looked in Sephora and they dont sell it.
So you either pay for shipping or spend over $75.
The Bath and Body version is $7.50 but it often goes on sale for $5 each if you purchased 3 lip balms.
I forgot to go into Bath and Body to check if they still sell them.
It was still there a few months ago.
I cant see why they would discontinue it.  It has been around for a few years.
They have similar ingredients like Shea Butter, Sweet Almond, and Vitamin E.
Principessa has a more sweeter smell.
I cant say I am willing to purchase Principessa if I can get a similar one more inexpensive.

On another note:
After researching online who received their Glymm Box this month, I have found that instead of the eye shadow they received a Principessa full size foot lotion and others received a sample size of Blinc Mascara.  I wish I had the foot lotion but I am glad I have the eye shadow instead.  I am not a big fan of mascara.  My eye lashes are not long enough.


  1. I found those product at The Bay, love the smell...

    1. It does smell great! I am glad that The Bay sells them. I thought you can only get them online.

  2. I love the Bath and Body lip balm! It is one of my favorites!

  3. I have tried both the Principessa and The Bath and Body lip balms. They are both great but I find myself wanting to pick the Principessa lip balm as my favorite.