Wednesday, 28 September 2011


So I picked up my daughter from the bus stop.
She asked if her teacher called?
I asked why?
She said "I didn't hurt them."
Now that got me worried.
Then I asked, "Who did you hurt?  The teacher?"
She said "Nobody."
Then I asked "Then why would the teacher call me?"
She said "She is not."

This conversation does not sound that she was not being good today.
So I have checked her bag to see if the teacher left a note and waited to see if I will get a phone call.
No calls today.
However, I will be meeting the teacher this week just to get to know them and to see the classroom and her cubby.
I wonder if the teacher will ask us to set up an appointment to official discuss "the situation".

My little girl does have a hard time listening and following instructions.
She likes to do what she wants to do.
I know she is very smart when it comes to what she wants.
She has been in day care since she was 10 months old and has participate other programs like soccer, ballet, and karate.
Most of the time she just does not want to do what you want her to do.

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