Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Home Audit

This year we are thinking of insulating the walls and attic.
Since I do find it really cold during the winter and hot during the summer I thought it was time to fix the house so we can be more comfortable.
We found out the attic was not properly insulated and the walls has no insulation at all.
So far we have 3 quotes and I am waiting to book another one...we are playing phone tag.
I think after it is completed we will be all nice an warm this winter and save on our energy bill.
We were thinking of replacing the A/C but the auditor said it is not worth it since we need to spend about $4-5K to apply for the grant and using it 2 or 3 months out of the year, we wont be saving much.
He said spend $300-$400 to have it maintain or fix is fine for now until it dies and then spend the money on a new A/C.
Owing a house is like hooking a big hose to your bank account.
We did purchased an older home with no or minimal fix up.
So far we replaced the windows and doors when we first moved in.
New fridge and dryer (we barely used the dryer so we didnt need to get one)
New furnace
New pavement for our driveway (it does not look new anymore)
Then we redid the basement
Then the upstairs bathroom
New roof
New ceiling lights and potlights (never existed before)
New backyard fence.
Yeah, that is within 5 years.
It does not stop here.
Lots more to do.

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