Wednesday, 28 September 2011


I love sweets.
I love anything that has sugar.   Lots of them.
I also love to bake.
However, being a mom of two (or three is you count my hubby).
Twice I have tried cake on a stick.
I thought I should learn how to make them.
I have found out they were created by bakerella and she was featured by Martha Stewart a few years ago.
They are called cake pop.
It looks pretty easy to make.
It looks like chocolate truffles that I use to make when I had the time.
I think I will make them as a dessert for my Thanksgiving Dinner Party (If I am going to have one.)
People are just to busy with their family that friends don't get together to celebrate it.

I also took out an old breadmaker that my in-law use to own.
It is really, really old and it does not come with a manual.
So I search and search but no lucky but I did find some useful information.
I will try it anyways.
If it does not work I will have to buy a new one.

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