Saturday, 17 September 2011


I took my baby to the doctors for her vaccinations shots.
Lucky I didnt have to wait long.
I hate that I make the appointment but I end up waiting for an hour or so.
I mentioned this to the other mothers while we were waiting at the bus stop to pick up my little girl.
The other mom does not believe vaccinations.
She said that the school allows it only if you have this letter notarized by a lawyer.
I thought everyone has to have it done or the school expel the child.
She mentioned about side affects and religion issues and if you organics and no meat and etc... her kid will be OK....I was not going into a big discussion or politics or whatever.
I have never met anyone who does not vaccinate their kid but whatever.
I rather get the vaccination than take any chances but I am not a big believer on the flu shot.
I am not worry about being safe.
It is just that it is possible that you can take the shot but end up getting a flu.
It is like trying to cure the common cold...
However, if I was exposed like a nurse or doctor by all means get the shot.

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