Sunday, 18 September 2011

Samples junkie

I love samples especially when they are free.
I always sign up for the P&G samples when they come out a couple times a year.
It is also a great way for me to try item that just came into the market.
What I really like are also makeup samples.
In the past they use to give out perfume miniature bottle samples.
Now it is just paper or packaged samples which really sucks.
Sometimes you get samples when you order $34 worth of items but sometimes you have to spend alot more than the minimum to get the freebies which really sucks.

I love going to Sephora to browse around.
I usually don't buy anything because I have no idea what to get.
My mom never taught me how to wear them so it is basically trial and error and lately tons of research.
I am so lucky to have youtube to help me along the way.
I can't remember how but I discover the Luxe Box by Loose Button who ships out beauty product samples to your door for a nominal fee.
They are like Birch Box like the US but Luxe Box is only for Canadians.
Then I was trying to find another company like Loose Button but couldnt find any in my google search...but I did find another one! via facebook of all places...LOL
Glymm Box is another one just for Canadians (for now)
I am still waiting for my first Luxe Box and I won't be getting my Glymm Box for another month.
Also, with Christmas coming and any samples I don't like I can use as stocking stuffer.  :)
Hey, Christmas is expensive so I need to find ideas where ever I can.

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  1. I love free samples too, just wish the samples were a bit bigger in size. I totally agree about the perfume samples too, that would never get me to buy the perfume.