Thursday, 15 September 2011


My little one has officially started school.
Met a few moms which is really nice.
If I have any questions I will know who to ask.
It feels like my heart is breaking when she goes off to school.
I cant believe my little girl is going to school.
This will be her 5th day at school.
She seems to like it which is really nice.
She will ask me if she is going back to school tomorrow and when I say "yes" she is very happy.
My worry that she will listen to the teacher.
She is very stubborn and thinks of ideas which will get her way...doesn't everyone?
I think the benefit of putting her at the day care is she get use to other people and routine more easily.
Plus her good friend is also attending the same school and class.
A friend's kid who also started this year, who has never been away from home was a terror.
First day he had to have a talking and a time out.
Poor kid

Yesterday I found out her teacher was suppose to be on maternity leave but lost the baby around 5-6 months.
It is very sad.
We dont know the details but that is what the other mom told me.
I am surprise that she is back to work so soon.
The other mom also told me that another teacher lost her second child.
When that happened she took about 2 years off.

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