Saturday, 3 September 2011


It has been about six weeks I have been trying to lose weight.
The past 3 weeks I walk 5K and later in the early evening I go for my run...more like a jog.
It was tough for the first 4 weeks but it is getting a little better.
I am hoping to lose as much as I can before the summer is over.
I have read that this Fall, the weather will be room temperature so I think I can go out until the end of Oct or early November.  Fingers cross.
Once winter comes I will not be going out for a jog or a will be too bloody cold.
However I am thinking of taking out my floor mat and teach myself a few yoga moves.
I am even thinking of joining a community center yoga class to get me started.
It will be during the winter session I will be looking into.
I have about 25lbs to lose so I have a long way to go.
Ideally more like 30lbs +
Having two kids really did some damage to my body :(
I am not going to sit and cry about steps...I just wish it could go faster.

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