Sunday, 12 February 2017

NCircle Entertainment: The Little Prince: The Planet of the Snake ~ #Review #Giveaway

The story of The Little Prince is well known across the world.  I grew up watching The Little Prince when it was aired on television.  Now, my kids are enjoying the new animated series.  This DVD is based on a little boy named "The Little Prince" and he lives on a planet called B612 with his Rose and Fox.  The Little Prince would travel planet to planet to save it from the evil Snake.  This time the evil Snake kidnaps The Little Prince's Rose.  Together with his fox, The Little Prince travels all over the galaxy trying to find clues where the planet of the snake is and where his kidnapped Rose is.  When they finally found the planet, The Little Prince discovered so much history of the evil Snake.  Does he save his rose from the evil Snake?  I guess you have to find out by watching this DVD.

NCircle Entertainment: The Little Prince: The Planet of the Snake

The universe is in danger. The evil Snake extinguishes the stars as he passes through the galaxy, causing chaos and plunging the planets into darkness. The Little Prince must leave his Asteroid home and beloved friend, Rose, in his quest to outsmart the Snake and save the universe from doom. Accompanied by his trusted companion, the Fox, the Little Prince travels from planet to planet, braving danger and discovering vast and enchanted worlds. Will the extraordinary gifts of the Little Prince bring each of the planets back to life? And will he ever find his way home? The Snake is tired of constantly losing against the Little Prince so he decides to risk it all! He goes back to B612, kidnaps Rose and brings her back to his planet. By doing so, he might lose everything because if the Little Prince comes to the Snake's home planet and frees Rose, the Little Prince will also rescue all the gloomy prisoners! Will the Snake regret kidnapping Rose and possibly losing all of his prisoners?


NCircle Entertainment, the leading independent distributor of kids’ DVDs, is offering a copy of:
The Little Prince: The Planet of the Snake as well as, two previous releases.

This giveaway will run from February 12th to March 5th, 2017 (midnight EST). Winner, You have 72 hours to reply. You must be 18+ Open to Canadians and U.S. only Good Luck!  Psst - Can't win if you don't answer the mandatory question.  I am not responsible for shipping and handling or damages of the prize.  The prize is shipped by the Sponsor and they may substitute the prize depending what is in stock.

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  1. Manitoba. I'd like to see Autumn Journey.

  2. I am from NS and I would enjoy the Octonauts 15 Underwater Adventures.

  3. I am from Ontario and would also like Cat In The Hat: Knows A Lot About Space! (Judy Cowan)

  4. I'm from Ontario. Another DVD that looks cute is Autumn Journey: Guess How Much I Love You.

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    1. Hi,i am from Newfound and another i like is Octonauts 15 Underwater Adventures.

  6. I am from Alberta. I would also like to watch Aardman: The Snowman & the Snowdog.

  7. It would be great to win
    The Little Prince:The Planet of the Snake DVD.
    In response to your questions of
    Which Province/State are you from?
    and What is another DVD you would like
    to watch from NCircle Entertainment?
    I live in Manitoba and i would
    like to watch Mike the Knight: Mike's Treasure Hunt.
    Thank you for having this contest.

  8. I am from Florida and would love to watch any of teh Octonauts movies. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope that I win. Bernie W BWallace1980(at)hotmail(d0t)com

  9. Im from ontario and my kids would love octonauts !

  10. I live in NB and know that my kids would enjoy "Octonauts 15 Underwater Adventures".

  11. Guess How Much I Love You would be the book I'd like. I'm from Ontario.

  12. I'm in BC. I think my kids would love to Mike the Knight: Mike's treasure hunt.

  13. I am in Texas and Octonauts 15 Underwater Adventures is our favorite